Recent Publications

Takasuka et al. (2018,JAMES)
The mechanisms of MJO onset revealed by NICAM APE simulations. (2018/04/06)

Wing et al. (2018,GMD)
RCEMIP paper published. (2018/03/05)

Chen et al. (2018,JAMES)
Impact of snow on OLR using NICAM dataset. (2018/01/24)

Uchida et al. (2017, MWR) The first paper on Diamond-NICAM and its comparison to the global NICAM (2017/10/21).

Yamashita et al. (2017,SOLA)
Stratosphere-to-troposphere transport is evaluated with the K-computer run of NICAM.

Roh and Satoh (2018,JMSJ)
Use of microwaves for evaluation of cloud-precipitation systems in NICAM.

Miyakawa et al. (2017,GRL)
A Madden-Julian Oscillation event remotely accelerates ocean upwelling to abruptly terminate the 1997/1998 super El Nino.

Yamada et al. (2017,J. Climate): Size of intense tropical cyclone is projected to be increased under warmer condition.

Satoh et al (2017,PEPS): NICAM K-Computer/Post K Project Summary paper published (2017/4/28)

Nakano et al. (2017, Mon. Wea. Rev.) : Genesis of Super Cyclone Pam (2015). Accepted (2017/04/26)

Roh et al. (2017, JAS) : A single bulk cloud microphysics scheme of NICAM is improved using TRMM and a satellite simulator.

NICAM review paper: Satoh et al. (2014)
PEPS, 1, 18.

Satoh (2013) : "Atmospheric Circulation Dynamics and General Circulation Models, 2nd edition", Springer-PRAXIS.